Hello! I'm Rachel
I'm a photographer based in Sainte-Adèle in the Laurentians region of Québec.
In 2019 I was devastated by the sudden lost my sister. In shock and longing for a slower pace of life closer to nature, my husband and I made a leap and transplanted ourselves from Toronto to a small village in the Laurentian region of Québec about an hour north of Montreal.
Photography has helped me through my toughest moments
For the first few months after we moved when I went for a walk in the quiet woods surrounding my home I often cried with relief and appreciation for the beauty and peace I found there.

I had always been casually interested in photography but during this time I started bringing my camera out with me every time I headed out. I longed to capture not only the beauty of the landscapes but the wonder, joy and stillness that I felt there.

I discovered that when I had my camera in my hand my mind slowed and I was able to connect to my present surroundings. Slowly these little moments of solace helped my heart to heal.

Since then my passion and excitement for photography has only grown. I have had the pleasure of sharing my work with others in the community at exhibitions and markets. These days I am battling chronic health issues but photography continues to be where I go for relief and connection.

Photography has taught me to seek what is beautiful or meaningful in each moment, no matter how ordinary, plain or even hopeless it may seem. And I feel it has never been more important for all of us to stay connected to the good in the world because those are the things that make life worthwhile.
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